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Do You Want to Deliver COMPELLING info to your community... but lack the time to put it together?
  • Do you spend hours searching for current health care information to deliver to your practice members each week?
  •  Do you find yourself wishing you had current, research-based chiropractic educational material for daily handouts and table talk?
  •  Would it save you time and build value in your practice if you had research-based educational handouts and corresponding social media posts custom-branded to your practice, sitting in your inbox each Sunday for the week ahead?
ChiroEdge puts quality, engaging information at your fingertips so you can have an ally in education.
Looking for FRESH, RELEVANT, RESEARCH-BACKED Content for Your Practice?
See How Much Easier Educating Your Practice Is...
Let us do the work for you! Over the next 2 weeks you'll notice....

Easier table talk as you have a constant stream of new information to talk about!

Increase in referrals since you'll be constantly updating your patient base with all the ways chiropractic can benefit their friends and family!

More engaged practice members - they won't only be asking questions, they'll be asking the RIGHT questions.

An increase in certainty since the reference will ALWAYS be included in the bottom left corner of everything you hand out!
Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting...
Keeping up with current research is A LOT of work. Making it fun and easily digestible for your patients/practice members is even harder. But we like it, and we're good at it. So let us do the work for you!
If you're not doing daily handouts, it's time to start.
I'm not the biggest fan of the "don't reinvent the wheel" saying -- but let's be real, daily educational handouts has been part of our profession for a long time. And they work. All we did was keep them up to date with current research and make them look pretty so people will actually be EXCITED about them. With ChiroEdge you'll...
  • Constantly "drip" educational material on your practice
  • Save your team tons of time in making material to give out every day.
  • Save yourself tons of time in reading and digesting research! Just read the handout each morning and you're up to date with the best we have to offer!
We're So Excited to Have You On Board!
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